Red Robin Keto Menu

Red Robin is a fast casual burger restaurant that has been around since the 1970's and has constantly evolved their menu to offer something for everyone! This includes low carb dieters as their keto menu contains plenty of options that will leave you satisfied and in ketosis.

According to our analysis of their official nutrition information, there are as many as 57 keto options at Red Robin depending on your current carb allowance. For many people Red Robin is synonymous with delicious burgers and thankfully they've catered to keto dieters by offering a Lettuce-Wrapped option so that you can still enjoy their wide variety of burgers.

We recommend The Wedgie Burger which contains 14g of net carbs but you can also opt to build your own and choose from one of their many protein options: Regular Ratty, Impossible Patty, Turkey Patty, Salmon Fillet or Veggie/Vegan Patty.

Aside from their burger options, Red Robin offers keto friendly choices like their Sear-ious Salmon and Ensenada Chicken both of which have less than 10g of net carbs per order. That's low enough that you can even pair it with one of their keto salads or soups like a cup of French Onion Soup or Caesar Salad both of which have 6g of carbs.

We do however recommend exercising some self control when choosing your sauces and dressings as these can easily add up and cause you to get off track on your keto diet.

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