Bareburger Keto Menu

Bareburger specializes in clean, delicious comfort food and their burgers cater to a range of different diets from carnivores to vegetarians and gluten free. We applaud their focus on catering to so many dietary preferences but how do the keto options at Bareburger stack up to other burger chains?

According to the nutritional information on the restaurant’s website, there are 55 keto options available at Bareburger under 20g of carbs. Unlike most other burger restaurants, Bareburger offers two types of bread alternatives; a Green Leaf Lettuce Bed and Collard Green Wrap. While they have some custom burger options, we recommend you create your own burger choosing a low carb bread alternative and any of the low carb toppings listed below!

Some other Keto items at Bareburger that you can choose from are the boneless wings, salad entrees and the Buttermilk Bites appetizers (13g). Their selection of salads range from a Kale Caesar with 8g of net carbs to their Hudson Entree Salad which contains 17g of carbs. Compared to most other burger restaurants, the Bareburger keto menu is pretty well rounded and should make it easy for anyone to eat here while watching their carbs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Bareburger has a Collard green wrap with 2g of carbs and a Lettuce bun with no carbs.
The Quinoa patty at Bareburger contains 31g of carbs and is not keto friendly.
Unfortunately there is no official keto menu at Bareburger but we've analyzed all of the online nutrition information to create this version!

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