Five Guys Keto Menu

Five Guys is a fast-casual restaurant chain known for their delicious burgers which they serve up at over 200 restaurants across the country. Five Guys is pretty popular with keto dieters as well so we did some research to find out if this burger joint is actually keto friendly and how to order keto at Five Guys.

According to their online nutrition menu, there are up to 30 keto options at Five Guys depending on your current carb allowance. Five Guys offers two keto friendly options for their burgers; you can order your burger wrapped in lettuce instead of on a bun or you can order it in a tub. Both options save you about 37g of net carbs from the bun.

It's important to carefully consider your burger toppings as some can spike the carb count and kick you out of ketosis. Veggie options like Mushrooms, Onions, Tomatoes, & Green Peppers are all low carb and contain 0-1g of carbs. However, condiments like Ketchup (5g), Relish (4g) or Steak Sauce (3g) could easily bring your total carb count above 20g.

The only sides offered at Five Guys are the fries which are not keto. They also offer free peanuts which contain about 4g of net carbs per 1 oz serving so be careful not to mindlessly much on them while waiting for your food!

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