Five Guys Gluten Free Menu

If you're after a classic American Burger or hot dog, Five Guys is the restaurant to go to. For some, the drinks selection is more exciting than the food on offer with the huge variety of sodas available. The food menu at Five Guys is fairly straight forward and there is not much variety outside of burgers and hot dogs.

There are 21 items on the menu including the drinks and almost all of them can be made gluten-free by going bunless.

According to the FAQ section on their website, the beef and bacon at Five Guys are both gluten-free and are prepared on dedicated grills that are separate from where they prepare their buns. Five Guys does their best to ensure that there is no cross-contamination in their kitchens although they express that customers should eat with caution as there can always be a risk of cross-contamination.

Customers should be wary of items that might not obviously contain gluten when choosing from the Five Guys menu. This is especially the case for their milkshakes. When ordering milkshakes at Five Guys you have the option to customize as you please, but don't choose the malted milk as Five Guys have confirmed that it does contain gluten! Similarly, despite Oreos not containing gluten, their Oreo Cookie milkshake mix-ins do have traces of gluten because it utilizes malted milk. So be careful not to add in the Oreos when customizing milkshakes.

Following on from the information on the Five Guys website, it is generally easy to eat gluten-free at their establishment, however, it is always worth checking the nutritional information before you decide to eat there. This is especially important as Five Guys do not make a conscious effort on their menu to indicate that an item is gluten-free. Nor do they indicate the possibility to go bunless which could be frustrating for new customers.

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