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The Habit Burger Grill specializes in cast-iron grilled burgers served in over 300 locations across the country and loved for their delicious, smoky flavors. Does this popular burger joint have keto options available for their diners? We analyzed all their publicly available information to find how to eat keto at Habit Burger.

According to nutrition information on their website, there are 8 keto options at The Habit Burger Grill with less than 20g of carbs. The Habit Burger Grill offers three types of charburgers, all of which have the option to be served on a keto-friendly lettuce wrap so you can enjoy their burgers without the carb-heavy buns. The keto menu options at Habit Burger Grill include high fat toppings you can add to your burger such as cheese, avocado and bacon.

Habit Burger also has a great selection of sandwiches but they are served on a ciabatta roll or grilled sourdough so they contain at least 50g of carbs each. The bread makes up 35-45g of this, depending on the sandwich, so if one catches your eye you can skip the bread and be confident your carb count is within the acceptable keto range.

The keto menu at Habit Burger Grill also include lighter options like salads. You could opt for a Santa Barbara Cobb Salad with 50g of fat and only 14g of carbs. The Caesar Salad is just over 30g of carbs but if you order it without croutons it can be an acceptable choice. You can swap out the dressings in the salads for Blue cheese, Caesar, Cilantro Lime, Ranch, Italian or Thousand island. All of these dressings are low carb and high fat.

Other keto options at The Habit Burger Grill allow you to add extras to your burgers to amp up the fat such as bacon, crumbled blue cheese, crumbled feta, mayonnaise or roasted garlic aioli.

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