Red Lobster Vegan Menu

Known across the United States for its namesake the cooked lobster, Red Lobster serves seafood in a casual, friendly setting. With its reputation for feasts from the sea, does it have any vegan friendly dishes available?

According to the ingredient list provided on their website, there are 13 vegan friendly options available at Red Lobster that do not contain animal products. The Plain Baked Potato, Crispy Brussel Sprouts. and Sea Salted Fries are popular choices from this list.

You could expand on this to get a full meal by ordering a Caesar Salad without the chicken or cheese and the plain Baked Potato for a side. All sodas on tap are vegan friendly options and should be enjoyed with impunity.

If you think a Red Lobster vegan experience is impossible, think again. Vegan dining at this famed seafood spot is not just possible, it's easier than you thought.

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