Red Lobster Vegetarian Menu

Red Lobster is a popular casual dining restaurant chain, with locations not just in the United States but also in parts of Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean. Immortalized by the smash-hit Beyoncé song Formation, Red Lobster has long been widely loved by many thanks to its Seafood Feasts. But in a seafood and shellfish restaurant, is it possible to find vegetarian food at Red Lobster? 

We took a close look at the online menu and nutritional information and found that there are 15 vegetarian options at Red Lobster. It goes without saying that the Seafood Feasts are all going to be off-limits for vegetarians, so what can you order instead? Well, we recommend the Garlic Linguini Alfredo (with no chicken, crab, or shrimp), ordered with your choice of sides if you’re extra hungry. Choose from veggies like Green Beans, Broccoli, and Crispy Brussels Sprouts, or add extra carbs and have Mashed Potatoes or Sea-Salted French Fries. 

If you choose to go for a healthy choice and order a salad, watch out for the Classic Caesar Salad, which contains fish. Opt for the Side House Salad instead, and top it with another dressing (we recommend French or Honey Mustard). For dessert, vegetarian options at Red Lobster include the Brownie Overboard and Chocolate Wave—say no to cheesecakes, as these contain animal gelatin. 

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