Olive Garden Keto Menu

Olive Garden offers diners an Italian-American cuisine casual dining experience in over 900 locations globally. Unfortunately, Olive Garden is famous for their bottomless breadsticks and pasta deals which are far from the most keto-friendly options. We’ve combed through their available nutrition data to find you the best keto choices at Olive Garden.

According to the available data on their website, there are 14 keto options available at Olive Garden under 20g of carbs.

As far as appetizers, we recommend trying the Zuppa Toscana Soup which has 15g of fat and 15g of carbs. We would recommend you stay away from the appetizers as they are all mainly pasta based which are very high in carbs. Other soups like Minestrone and Pasta Fagioli are slightly higher in carbs but still under 20g. A simple salad with Italian Dressing is another keto friendly option that’s available on the Olive Garden menu.

For main courses, the best keto meals at Olive Garden are the Grilled Chicken Margherita and the Herb-Grilled Salmon with 14g and 8g of carbs respectively. An alternative option is the Tuscan Sirloin on their gluten sensitive menu which has 12g of fat and only 8g of carbs.

Surprisingly, Olive Garden even has a keto-friendly dessert; the Dolcini Chocolate Mousse with 17g of net carbs. You won’t be able to combine it with anything else but if you have a sweet tooth and most of your carbs for the day left this would make a delicious dessert option.

Olive Garden Keto Options


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