The Old Spaghetti Factory Keto Menu

The Old Spaghetti Factory is a family-friendly, Italian-style restaurant with over 40 locations around the country. The menu, as is common with Italian cuisine, is not the most keto-friendly. However, you do have some options. 

According to the nutritional information on the restaurant’s website there are 24 keto options at The Old Spaghetti Factory. We would recommend avoiding all the appetizers because they are quite carb-heavy. A keto food at The Old Spaghetti Factory that you could try instead is a salad, such as the blue cheese house salad, chicken caesar house salad, lemon cilantro shrimp salad or the BLT salad. All of which have good carb to fat ratios. 

Clam chowder is also another great keto option at The Old Spaghetti Factory and you can consider adding sides to what you order including broccoli, chicken parmigiana breast, tenderloin or creamy pesto.

For your main course we recommend the tenderloin with mizithra and broccoli from the The Old Spaghetti Factory keto options. However, you won’t have much luck for another keto-friendly main course as they are all pasta based dishes. 

If you wanted to try something sweet the desserts are all quite high in carbs. However, you could have the spumoni ice cream or the vanilla ice cream with 9g of carbs and 21g of carbs. 

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