Maggiano's Little Italy Keto Menu

Maggiano’s Little Italy is known for its Italian-American cuisine served family-style. It prides itself on preparing simple, authentic classics from recipes passed down through generations. Maggiano’s Little Italy has been set up in over 50 locations around the country from New York to Texas and California. You can either dine in the restaurant or choose to order curbside or carryout. 

Nutritional information on the website shows that there are 28 keto options at Maggiano’s Little Italy. Maggiano’s Little Italy boasts an extensive menu but, as you can imagine with Italian food, a lot of it is not very keto diet-friendly. If you’re going for a starter on the Maggiano’s Little Italy keto menu, the only one we would recommend would be the stuffed mushrooms at 48g of fat and 26g of carbs. The rest are very high carb. 

Another keto item at Maggiano’s Little Italy you could choose is a salad as it is always a good choice and Maggiano’s Little Italy gives the option to add a portion of chicken, salmon or crispy calabrian shrimp to your salad. We recommend avoiding the pastas and pizzas because of the carb load but you could try some seafood such as salmon lemon and herb or twin cold water lobster tails which are both very low carb. Steak is also served here and is a good option. You could also try the surf and turf which comes in at 92g of fat and only 11g of carbs. 

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