IHOP Keto Menu

IHOP has enjoyed a reputation for being the go-to restaurant for a delicious, classic breakfast meal at a reasonable price. If you are on the keto diet and are looking for a filling meal that doesn’t throw you off-track, the keto options at IHOP have got you covered.

According to the official menu and nutrition information, we found that there are as many as 22 keto options available at IHOP depending on your carb allowance. Unfortunately, IHOP still hasn't come up with a low carb pancake option, so customer-favorite IHOP dishes such as the Original Buttermilk Pancakes are off limits, coming in at well above 50g of carbs.

However, that doesn't mean it's impossible to order keto at IHOP as there are still plenty of other low carb options to choose from! The typical keto breakfast options are all great choices here: eggs, bacon, ham and sausage. Some other protein options on the IHOP keto menu are Grilled Chicken, Grilled Tilapia and a T-Bone Steak.

While IHOP does have a great selection of omelets to choose from, we recommend some caution here as they contain a surprising amount of carbs for a dish that is considered a staple in the keto diet. The lowest carb omelet, the Hearty Ham & Cheese contains 14g of carbs.

Also, if you have the carbs to spare and are in the mood for something more homey, the Rustic Cheesy Tomato Soup and the Roasted Chicken Noodle Soup are potential options, although they contain 17g and 18g of carbs, respectively.

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