Denny's Keto Menu

Denny's is one of America's best known breakfast chains, made popular by their Grand Slam Breakfast and late hours. Whether it's late at night or  early morning when you feel like you have something to eat, keto food is always available at Denny's.

According to their official nutrition and allergen menu, there are as many as 55 keto options at Denny's for your low carb diet, depending on your carb allowance. Denny's keto breakfast options will include mostly egg and meat based choices like their omelets and scrambles with protein options like grilled ham, bacon, sausages and even T-bone steak.

Unfortunately, you'll have to stay away from other popular choices like their waffles, pancakes and  hash browns which have the highest amount of of net carbs. If you are planning to order these, you will have to avoid other carbs within the day.

The Grand Slam Breakfast contains some decent keto friendly options like eggs and protein, but you'll have to avoid the bread options that are included. Keto friendly salads at Denny's are also an option and they include menu items such as Grilled Chicken Salad Deluxe, Chicken Strip Salad Deluxe, Avocado Chicken Caesar salad, and the Garden Salad.

To complement your salad with a low carb salad dressing, you can try Blue Cheese, Caesar or Ranch.

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