La Madeleine Keto Menu

La Madeleine aims to celebrate French cuisine in a casual French dining experience in its 80 locations using fresh ingredients and unique recipes. There are plenty of options for the keto diet at La Madeleine as it serves breakfasts, soups, salads, sandwiches and lots of baked goods in its bakery. 

After analyzing the nutrition information on the restaurant menu, there are 36 keto options at La Madeleine. On the breakfast menu we would suggest the breakfast croissant with bacon, the quiche lorraine, quiche florentine. Some keto items at La Madeleine on the breakfast menu that you can also get are two eggs in any style as a main or else you can add eggs, bacon or sausages to any breakfast menu item to up the fat content of your meal without worrying about adding extra carbs. If you opt for oatmeal you can have it in either a bowl or cup and add almonds or pecans to make it more keto-friendly. 

There are a number of salads you could choose here on the La Madeleine’s keto menu like the chicken salade, the petite caesar or original caesar with original caesar dressing or you could try the strawberry and bacon spinach salad. La Madeleine’s keto menu allows you to increase the fat content by adding a side of salmon to your salad. The tomato basil or cream of mushroom soupes are also great keto options. 

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