IHOP Gluten Free Menu

IHOP, or International House of Pancakes, is a chain of pancake houses with locations all over the world. They serve a wide menu of breakfast foods all day long, but how gluten-free are the options on the menu? Can you eat at IHOP gluten free?

After analyzing their official ingredient and allergen information, we found there are up to 8 gluten free options at IHOP, depending on your level of gluten sensitivity. 

On the IHOP "gluten friendly" menu, they offer meals such as pancakes, Belgian waffles, chicken sandwiches, cobb salad, and more. They also offer a variety of "gluten friendly" sides like french fries, hashbrowns, and turkey sausage patties. They even offer a "gluten friendly" dessert with an ice cream sundae. Although it is very important to mention that IHOP does warn that while the menu items listed on the "gluten friendly" menu are all made without the use of gluten they are actually not certified to be gluten free. The ingredients used share storage space and preparation areas with products that contain gluten, therefore, cross-contamination is possible through both the supply chain and in the in-store environment. Therefore the products on the "gluten friendly" menu are not suitable for anyone who has Celiac Disease, a gluten sensitivity, or an allergy to wheat.

However, if you are simply avoiding gluten for non-allergy reasons, eating at IHOP gluten free is possible for you to do. IHOP's most popular items, like the pancakes and waffles, are both available for anyone eating gluten free to enjoy in their "gluten friendly" versions. You also have a lot of options as to what you would like on the side, like their famous hash browns.

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