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Waffle House is a popular chain restaurant specializing in breakfast diner-style food and late night hours. When you think of restaurants with diet-friendly options Waffle House is not first to come to mind however thanks to their large selection of breakfast food Waffle House may be more gluten free friendly than you think. We analyzed their allergen menu and all the information we could find online to bring you the top gluten free choices at Waffle House.

According to their allergen menu, there are as many as 31 gluten free options at Waffle House depending on your level of gluten sensitivity. The main things to stay away from at Waffe House will be their sandwiches and the bread options offered with almost every meal. Unfortunately their waffles, pancakes, biscuits and toast contain gluten and must be avoided on a gluten free diet. You can however add Hashbrowns and/or Tomato Slices to any meal to round it out as they do not contain wheat or gluten.

The main gluten free meals at Waffle House are the Egg Breakfast, Hashbrown Bowls and Omelet Breakfasts. The Egg Breakfasts allow you to pair your choice of protein with 2 eggs cooked to your liking and a side. Hashbrown Bowls are similar but Hashbrowns replace the eggs as the star of the meal. Another option is their selection of Omelets like the Cheesesteak Omelet or Fiesta Omelet which are free from gluten containing ingredients.

While these menu items are confirmed to not contain gluten, they are prepared on shared surfaces with gluten containing food therefore there is a high risk of cross contamination if you have high gluten sensitivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, Waffle House does not offer gluten free waffles at their locations as of this time. However, there is evidence on social media of people ordering gluten free waffles at select locations so it may be worth asking anyway!
Waffle House does offer various gluten free items such as their Egg Breakfasts, Hashbrown Bowls, Salads and Omelets. We found 31 gluten free options on their allergen menu.
Grits at Waffle House are not gluten free as they contain wheat according to the official allergen menu.
Hashbrowns at Waffle House are gluten free and can be added to Omelets and Scrambled Eggs on the side or used as a base in a Hashbrown Bowl.
The Chili at Waffle House is not considered Gluten Free as it contains wheat according to the official allergen menu.
Yes, the eggs are Waffle House are gluten free. Although, they are prepared in shared spaces with other non-gluten free ingredients and may not be suitable for those with high gluten sensitivity.

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