Benihana Keto Menu

Benihana is America’s first Japanese teppanyaki restaurant and boasts an authentic Japanese farmhouse interior where it prepares food right in front of its customers. There are 70 Benihana restaurants in the United States, Caribbean and Central and South America. 

According to the nutritional information on the restaurant’s website there are 67 keto options at Benihana. The keto options at Benihana include edamame, spicy tuna poke, or a variety of wings in its appetizers. We also recommend trying the salmon sashimi which is very keto-friendly or the Benihana salad in the side orders from Benihana’s keto menu. 

On the main menu, the yellowtail sashimi and eel sashimi are both great options. We would suggest avoiding the nigiri with rice added in and the rolls due to the higher carbs. Other leto items at Benihana from the entrée complements that we suggest adding to your meal would be lobster tail, scallops and colossal shrimp. 

We recommend the filet mignon, hibachi chicken and hibachi steak to keto diners too due to the low carb load. You could also try the hibachi chateaubriand which is meat and mushrooms. The hibachi tuna steak is another option along with the salmon bento box or imperial salad with salmon. Eating a keto diet is very easy at Benihana as there are lots of options for all different kinds of diets. 

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