Panda Express Keto Menu

Panda Express is an American restaurant serving Chinese inspired cuisine at over 2,000 locations across the country. Panda Express is most well known for their Orange Chicken, which they claim to have served 80 million pounds of since 2016! Despite these impressive numbers, are there any keto options available for those following a ketogenic diet?

After analyzing all the nutrition information on their website, we discovered 40 keto options at Panda Express with 20g of net carbs or less. As a Chinese-inspired restaurant, a lot of the food is rice or noodle-based and therefore quite high in carbs but it’s not entirely impossible to eat keto food at Panda Express.

Some keto entrees we recommend are their famous Kung Pao Chicken or Broccoli Beef at 8g and 11g of net carbs respectively. Keep in mind, these macros are for the entree only, and not including any sides of rice that may be included. If you're feeling in the mood for seafood, we recommend trying the Firecracker Shrimp or Steamed Ginger Fish as both come in at less than 10g of net carbs.

Panda Express also offers a keto side to pair with your entree; we'd recommend trying the Super Greens at only 5g net carbs. There are a few other options like Eggplant Tofu (15g), Hot & Sour Soup (13g), Chicken Egg Roll (18g) and Chicken Potstickers (19g) which are technically considered keto but are not very filling and cannot be paired with anything without exceeding the keto carb allowance.

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