Panda Express Vegetarian Menu

Panda Express is probably the biggest name in Chinese-American cooking. It has restaurant locations all over the United States and has hugely popular items on its menu like the classic orange chicken or delicious Beijing beef. The Panda Express website also says that in recent years, it has taken steps to add a range of healthier options, and these include a handful of plant-based items. This now means it isn’t difficult to eat vegetarian food at Panda Express.

According to their online nutritional menu, there are 9 vegetarian items at Panda Express, and it’s easy to build a satisfying and tasty meal for yourself. Start with the Vegetable Spring Rolls or Cream Cheese Rangoons, then order the Eggplant Tofu as your entrée. All the side dishes, including the Steamed Rice, the Fried rice, and the delicious Chow Mein, are suitable for vegetarians, and you can dip and dunk your food in extra sauces, too—teriyaki, sweet and sour, chili, soy, potsticker, or plum. If that’s not enough, you can also add another side dish of Super Greens to bulk out your meal even more.

Still hungry after all this? Both the Fortune Cookie and the Chocolate Chunk Cookie are vegetarian-friendly, so dig in and enjoy your food!

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