Roti Vegetarian Menu

Roti Modern Mediterranean is a chain of restaurants based out of Chicago, Illinois. The popular restaurant chain is known for serving up some delicious Meditteranean-style cuisine that includes pitas, salads, and bowls that are loaded with lamb, chicken, steak, and falafel. Those who are on a vegetarian diet will appreciate the fact that it is easy to find something to eat at Roti.

There are 11 vegetarian options available at Roti, with items spanning the salads, pitas, and bowls that are available to order for those who are following the diet.

Roti is definitely a restaurant that can be considered to be vegetarian-friendly. The vegetarian options at Roti include the Beetlovers Bowl and the I Dream of Tahini Bowl. There are also some great salad choices at Roti that are vegetarian-friendly such as the Caulifornia Sunset. The pitas at Roti are another of its most popular offerings and they also have some great choices for vegetarians. This includes the Chickpeas in a Blanket pita. The Roti Street Pita can also be customized with any main topping that you want which means that it can also be ordered vegetarian compliant.

The vegetarian food at Roti includes a long list of side items that are compliant with the diet. These include the Cauliflower Rice, Rainbow Slaw, Pita Chips, Hummus with PIta, Falafels, Marinated Cabbage, and the Dill Cucumbers. There are also many delicious drink options at Roti that are perfect for vegetarians.

As far as food items at Roti that vegetarians should avoid, the main ones include bowls like Flip the Bird, Fire, and Rice, and the Chicken Cauliflower. They also include pitas like the El Toro, and the Born and Braised. Vegetarians should also avoid salads such as the Chicken Medley, and the Salmon on Greens. All of these menu options include meat in the ingredients.

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