Benihana Vegetarian Menu

Benihana is a Japanese-inspired American Restaurant serving teppanyaki-style dishes worldwide. Its menu is composed of a wide selection of sushi, steaks, salads, chicken, and noodles. Although most of the foods offered at Benihana are meat-based or seafood-based, eating on a vegetarian diet here is not impossible at all.

According to the ingredients list provided on their website, there are up to 3 vegetarian friendly options at Benihana that do not contain meat.

There is no available vegetarian menu at Benihana so the choices are very limited. The all-time Benihana favorite sushi/sashimi are off-limits to vegetarians. However, you can still enjoy their California Rolls.

Steaks and chickens are also not allowed on a vegetarian diet. Noodles and Tofu are available at Benihana as well however, they are served with different proteins so it's best to avoid them Nonetheless, you can still go for ala carte sides. We highly recommend ordering the Spicy Edamame and the Hibachi Vegetable sides to complete your Benihana dining experience

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