Tokyo Joe's Keto Menu

Tokyo Joe’s promises its customers great nutrition in its food all while being good value for money. There are 46 Tokyo Joe’s around the country, all in Colorado, Arizona and Texas. 

After analyzing the nutrition information on the restaurant menu, there are 34 keto options at Tokyo Joe’s. Tokyo Joe’s signature bowls all contain a bed of rice on which you can get chicken and shrimp based dishes with lots of veggies. So this option would not be the best for keto dieters. However, Tokyo Joe’s offers an option to build your own bowl so we would suggest trying this keto option at Tokyo Joe’s. Here you can choose good keto protein options like salmon, sirloin steak or chicken. You can opt for chopped greens or no carb double veggies as your base instead of noodles or rice. As well as this we recommend Tokyo Joe’s keto option of adding veggies or some good keto toppings like crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, scrambled egg and avocado as well as a range of sauces.  

Another keto food at Tokyo Joe’s that you can also try is making your own poke bowl where you can choose your protein and your base can be either chopped greens or ½ rice and ½ greens depending on how many carbs you want. 

We would recommend avoiding a lot of the sushi because of the rice, however, you can always try some edamame or a dish from the ‘greens’ menu which is a protein like chicken on a bed of veggies with avocado, almonds and dressing. 

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