Wok Box Keto Menu

Wok Box is an Asian casual restaurant offering traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. They are very friendly towards plant-based and gluten free diets but how do they stack up for keto options?

Unfortunately, most of the options at Wok Box come with Rice or Noodles, which are not keto friendly. If you are on the keto diet you can order proteins separately but be careful with the sauces, as the main 4 options are very carb heavy and will kick you out of ketosis.

According to the official nutrition menu, there are 14 keto options at Wok Box with less than 20g of carbs. The best keto choice here will be the chicken wings or see if they can make one of bowls with mixed greens instead of rice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately no it isn't. The Dan Dan half box with rice comes the closest but still contains 35g of rice, almost double the suggested daily range for keto.

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