Chickpea Keto Menu

With the mantra "Always Baked, Never Fried," servers at Chickpea are committed to delivering healthy and delicious food. If you are on the keto diet, you will be happy to know that there are several keto options at Chickpea for you to try.

Based on the restaurant's online nutrition guide, there are 53 keto options available at Chickpea with less than 20g of carbs for you to choose from. Unfortunately,  fan-favorite sandwiches such as South of the Border, The Istanbul, or The Original Falafel are high in carbs, making them an inappropriate choice for keto dieters. Read on to learn how to order keto at Chickpea.

Most of the food options such as the popular wraps and falafel are high in carbs. Still, there is keto food at Chickpea for you to try such as the Grilled Chicken Breast, Grilled Steak Chicken Kabab, Mediterranean Chicken, and Chicken Shawarma, having 0 to 3g of carbs each.

You can also opt for the following keto items at Chickpea such as the Feta Zucchini Falafel, Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, and Baba Ganosh, as all of them have less than 10g of carbs.

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