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WaBa Grill Keto Menu

WaBa Grill is known for its healthy and delicious rice bowls. Unfortunately for people trying to eat keto at WaBa Grill diet, most of the options here contain rice and are off limits. However, we’ve analyzed the rest of the menu and found that there are 19 keto options available at WaBa Grill with under 20g of carbs.

The best keto options at WaBa Grill that we recommend are the Half-Ocado and a Miso Soup or a side of meat. Strangely even their chicken and steak contain 14g of carbs so this isn’t really a keto friendly option. Salmon will be your best bet as you get 4 oz of meat and only 7g of net carbs.

The only other keto meal at WaBa Grill is the signature House Salad with chicken that contains 17g of net carbs. This is already pretty high in carbs but still within the allowable carb range for keto. The problem is that the sauces and dressings all contain 8-13g of carbs except for Ranch, so your keto options are very limited.

Overall, WaBa Grill is less keto-friendly than it may appear as there are hidden carbs in most of their menu items. Stick to simple items like soup, salmon and avocado.

WaBa Grill Keto Options


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Frequently Asked Question

Is Waba Grill keto friendly?

Yes there are at least 15 keto options at WaBa Grill to choose from.

How do you order keto at Waba Grill?

Unfortunately rice and teriyaki sauce are off limits but you can choose from a variety of meats and veggies or soups.

How many carbs are in WaBa Grill Beef with Vegetables?

The a la carte steak at WaBa Grill has 13g of carbs and the steamed veggies have 11g of carbs. Shrimp and Salmon may be better choices as they have only 7g of carbs per serving.