Shake Shack Vegetarian Menu

Shake Shack is a casual dining eatery that specializes in burgers, chicken, milkshakes, and hot dogs—it actually started out as a single hot dog stand in New York City before it grew in popularity and expanded its offerings. The menu puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of the food it serves up — cage-free eggs, antibiotic-free meats, etc. There are also a couple of items on the menu for dogs! 

But what about people who don’t eat meat? Are there vegetarian options at Shake Shack? Yes! According to the online menu and nutritional information, there are 6 vegetarian items at Shake Shack, as well as a wide selection of milkshakes, ice cream products, and floats. We recommend the ’Shroom burger with fries (either regular or topped with cheese). 

In late 2020, Shake Shack also started offering a Veggie Shack burger in limited locations for a limited time, and this may be set to make an appearance in other locations if it proves successful. Time will tell! You should also be able to order a hot dog with no meat to turn it into a vegetarian-friendly Garden Dog—ask your server for help and see if you can swap in some extra veggies.

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