Texas Roadhouse Keto Menu

Texas Roadhouse is a popular steakhouse restaurant chain. As you might expect, going to a steakhouse can be a great way to eat out when you’re following a keto diet, as it’s usually pretty easy to find protein-rich foods. There are many keto options at Texas Roadhouse that you can order. 

According to the online menu and nutritional information, there are up to 104 available keto options at Texas Roadhouse depending on your carb allowance. The first question on most diners minds is  how many carbs are in Texas Roadhouse rolls. Unfortunately, one roll contains 23g of net carbs so even half a piece will set you back.

We suggest enjoying a Ft. Worth Ribeye steak—even the 16-oz version contains just 3 total carbohydrates, so you can enjoy the food without worry. Watch out if you’re adding sauces to a steak, as these usually contain a surprising number of carbs that could push you over your daily limit. A 4-oz pot of Peppercorn Sauce, for example, contains 7 net carbohydrates—more than double the number in the steak!

Bulk out your meal by adding vegetable sides; we recommend the Sautéed Mushrooms rather than the Fresh Vegetables, as there are fewer carbohydrates. You could also add the Rib Sidekick to your meal for just 6 total carbohydrates if you have a craving for more meat! Just remember that you might want to ask for BBQ sauce on the side rather than brushed over, as the BBQ Sauce contains too many net carbohydrates to be a definite keto item at Texas Roadhouse. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend Sirloin Steak and Shrimp with a side of Broccoli. There are also many other protein options and salads to choose from, just stay away from the bread rolls!
Yes most of steak options at Texas Roadhouse are keto friendly although some cuts contain more carbs than you would expect like the Bone-In Ribeye which has 16g of net carbs!
The Honey Mustard at Texas Roadhouse contains 11g of net carbs per 2 oz which is considered high in carbs for a sauce.
Yes the Caesar Salad at Texas Roadhouse is keto friendly as it contains under 20g of net carbs regardless of which protein you choose.
One cup of Texas Red Chili contains 12g of net carbohydrates and can be considered keto friendly depending on your remaining carb allowance.
One roll from Texas Roadhouse contains 23g of net carbs per serving. The regular whipped butter is carb-free but the Honey Cinnamon butter contains 2g of extra carbs.

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